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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  January 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good at morning welcome to fox 8 news in the morningng it is windy and cold. things are waking up with mine is kristi capel. the main highways. secondary maybe not so much perhaps even willoughby.
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turning to the south meanwhile were watching alberta clipper 11 degrees at hopkins the windchill minus five feels like three below in a cooking can right nows poster included are hoping for a little bit of sunshine today that always makes things at least a little more tolerable.ayth traffic time with patty harkin. there out and about doing what they do best.
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dallas areas and mine. for 90 at 77 still moving along well be careful on the rams they do to be a bit achy out there some spots. so if i minute right you can see it six minute ride that route eight and for 22 roads are in good shape just watch yourself legendary singer simon david bowie has died. he passed away after an 18 month battle with cancer. a
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kind of cancer that he passed away peacefully a lot of people didn't even know she was sick he was working right up until the end releasing hise 25th honest birthday which is friday. you might not know that cleveland gets the credit for launching his career which sold out just a couple months later sunset rockwell describes as the
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positioned himself on american it was the most amazing show i've ever seen. not just because the music was great that because it was great theater here's this man just being so so unconventional the passing of a rock 'n roll legend
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funeral arrangements are being made this morningh. jessica joins us live like he gave after being shot three times. he didn't want to rest even after being shot is just trying to survive with his partner by his side entire time he had too much brain damage and died early yesterday morning.ed my son early saturday several shots were fired violence in the department's canine struck. they did return fire and the suspect was shotd in the lake and taken to the hospital's jethro was taken to the vet. throughout the we can jethro
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something morning. the dog saved officer saturday. so he's with them all day all night at worke here to met eight weeks old the summer anniversary for cleveland family two years after an unsolved murder family and friendsnda of stephen holton junior on this date two years ago he was on his way to work
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boulevardor news robbed often shot to death. that's because the renault pick winnersse for saturday nights $900 million drive 25 the powerball has grown from $40 million on november 4 the $1.3 billion jackpot has a hundred million dollars cash payout. the seahawks and breaking square off in minnesota for the third coldest nfl game after that the
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running high.
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look, i know you're and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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14 subtypes will james love the council 37 points out of nine assists o and seven rebounds kevin love and tristan thomas both recorded a double double as well in the cavaliers road trip continues c with three games in texas starting to douse tomorrow night at 830. the seattle seahawks quest for third straight super bowl0. to midges is still alive this morning t thanks to some lock and more lock down 9-0 in frigid minnesota seattle botched the snap russell wilson tracked it
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pressures setting up a touchdown in s the end the vikings had a chance to win it would 26 seconds left but the 27-yard field goal attempt was wide left seattle plays a carolina nexto week the panthers beat the seahawks in week six. the green bay packers are also moving on after rallying from a slow start to knock off the washington redskins. green bay then took control in the second half on the ground james t starks and eddie lacy combining for 116 yards and a pair of touchdowns in thear 35-18 with the packers will head on to arizona next week with the cardinals dominating them in it is 5:44 a.m.
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good at morning. welcome back. we've had a chilly start that's for sure the roads are in good shape you can see behind me a
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good kids to go out easte no issues whatsoever as you head out and about the area writer and independence i just spoke with the mesa fifth no issues no accidents it is a chilly start kids going to school on saturday here going out at more you're young and your brand shirts i've
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we serve short stays at school otherwise we weren't allowed to. you don't want to do that you want to thickens code on your way out that this morningk not much in the weight of snowfall. north of i 90 appears to be getting clipped by the southern flank of this is still over lake erie. that's fine over the lake nothing going on and ashtabula county at this point that scattered snow in the dainik county and perhaps touching western summit countyda maybe even hudson. this is a web camera time lapse. it looks pretty decent that there are breaks in the overcasthe it looks like a peer. it may very well be some sunshinery at least that's it we are calling for visibility is
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him and as to. as of this point. here's a three dimensional weather flight look at that snowman.h around teams tied up towards buffalo getting pounded by lakeou effect snow meanwhile for us were seen those breaks in the overcast on our satellite so hopefullyca minus five in f cleveland no doubt the coldest air of this 20152016 winter season. 19 degrees today lakes no diminishing. eye watering called the southwest winds sustained 15-20 gusting at tenths posted 30 will see that tonight's clippers snow
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windoe direction as of this point in terms of feel like temperatures has a favorable direction for lake effect snow fell basically charge of the arctic air once again if anything gets modified with her temperatures here in the toys it's going to get sucked on to
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freezing actually. twentys back in for the weekend with snow likely fox 8 is your official school closing station. f plus it's cold outside. 5:52 a.m. is your time star wars is relying the box office through fourth week in a rowt a
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it's a little cold outside this morning you may want to put on some pants some very brief here prisoners a no caps no problem. no matter who attempted stunts are always people yet. new yorkers enjoyed the no pantsn subway right. it started out 15 years ago
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